Reflections on Life

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Life and Dreams

To live is to dream and to dream is to live. 
No matter how far your dreams seem,  you’ll surely get close to it if you pursue it!

– Hope.

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I Know Who I Am

I know who I am!

I’m specially and fearfully made,  I’m not an accident.

I’m a wonderful creature beautifully crafted by the All-knowing Creator.

The situations around me don’t determine who I am.

My experiences don’t determine who I’ll be.  Read more ›

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Against All Odds


Against all odds,  I will dream again.

I will laugh and dance as long as I live.

There’s  only one life so I’ll live it to the the fullest, against all odds.  Read more ›

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Here Comes The Much Awaited Book.. . !

I’m excited that finally I can say that the much awaited book is ready!

It wasn’t an easy job but I dare say that it’s worth it.

The most important thing for me is that I wrote a kind of story I would like to read.  

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Different Colours of Discouragement

Discouragement may come to a person in different shades and styles.  It can also come from the person you least expected; those you look up to for motivation.  

A young boy was once told by his teacher “you have a terrible voice ,  why waste your time  singing?”

The teacher’s words hit the innocent boy so hard that he never attempted to sing in public until he became an adult.  Read more ›

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Thoughts On The Pregnant Cameroonian Woman Who Was Left To Die.

I watched with horror and a deep sense of loss the video  of a pregnant woman who was abandoned by a Cameroonian hospital because she couldn’t afford to pay the stipulated fees.  She was in labour when her niece brought her to the hospital but the staff refused to attend to her until her family paid the hospital fees.  The fact that she was  pregnant with twins couldn’t change their mind. Read more ›

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To My Readers

I know I haven’t posted on this blog for ages, yet there are some of you who were not quick to hit ‘unsubscribe’. To such people, I say a big thank you for believing that I’ll eventually start writing again. It’s because of people like you that I’m encouraged to reclaim this blog and begin writing once again.

Also, seeing visitors’ interest from the stats boosted my morale. I haven’t written for close to a year yet a few visitors still find the older posts worthy of attention.

I’m back for good! Read more ›

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An Ode to Spring

The snow is gone and new light I see
No more darkness I see around me
Cold wind in my skin I feel
Though the sun shines in my face.
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Easter is Here Again

This is wishing all our readers and fellow bloggers a happy Easter.

It’s a season of sober reflections on the magnitude of our Saviour’s love which propelled Him to die on the cross of Calvary.
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