A Little Drop of Water

A Little Drop of Water


There are kind gestures and a display of affection that might seem insignificant but actually make a whole lot of positive impact on the receiver especially when he or she is in a vulnerable condition.


For instance, a small complement can encourage a once discouraged person not to give up but to try again.


A piece of advice could also provide the needed boost to achieving one’s goal and brighten the person’s day in the midst of hopelessness.


I recently got ‘a little kick’ when I was at the verge of giving up an idea that I was certain was priceless. I felt it was a waste of time and nothing good will ever come out of it.


Then I was opportuned to meet a lady who had been in my shoes, even in a worse situation, years back. She managed to pull through as a result of a positive attitude and hard work.


Whenever she was moody as a result of her plight, she reminded herself of the number of people on the hospital beds unsure of waking up the next morning and only begging for a chance to live. She counted herself blessed to be alive and healthy, and that cheered her up, at least for a moment.


Today, hers is a success story and she teaches people how to have a healthy life style; an achievement she might never have imagined or thought possible during her trying years.


I can also make it at the end of the day if I do not quit. Nothing good comes easy and there is no easy road to success, this must be at the back of our minds always. There must be obstacles which make us value our breakthrough when it eventually comes. Whatever that is gotten after a long struggle is cherished and never to let go or be toyed with.


We should endeavour to show love to those around us , particularly those in difficult situations who might be unable to reciprocate the kind gestures. The homeless, refugees and the disabled who are vulnerable ought to be top on the list. Celebrative seasons should not be the only time to demonstrate this type of love but any time we have the opportunity. They do not always need financial assistance, rather, other acts of kindness like words of encouragements and so on should be embraced.


I was impressed by an Easter party organized in my area for those who are not able to celebrate the special season with their loved ones and people who because of their present condition are unable to celebrate. They were glad to attend the occasion where they were told about the historical reason for the celebration and it’s significance. And were later treated to the luxurious traditional Finnish food , including tea and coffee.


As the refugees trooped to the hangers for their jackets, I could spot a unique beam of happiness on many faces; which was absent on arrival. Besides the delicious meal and rare deserts, the opportunity to listen to a cool music by one of their own and interact with friends was an experience that won’t disappear in a hurry; it will definitely remain even after the festive period. It gave them a sense of belonging and made them feel loved.


Indeed, kind gestures and a display of affection in any possible way, can mend the broken hearted and give one a reason to live, press on and achieve his or her dreams.



6 thoughts on “A Little Drop of Water”

  1. This was a great reminder and an uplifting story. We have to remember the blessing we currently have and maybe what we can do to help others. I love you blog posts and their message to all of us. Bravo.


  2. I enjoyed this post very much. I agree, a show of kindness to someone can make all the difference in the world; sometimes the difference between life and death. I will return to your blog often. Keep up the good work,


  3. hi! im very happy to reaf this blog. It was a good post. Actually many people are just “trying” very hard to be at the spot you are right now. we need to see the filled half of the glasd but sometimes we fail to do so because we are used to remember people in better situations than us let alone who knows if they are really in better situations. ant steps that we reach we are still unsatisfied for there are more steps to achieve and they are countless…
    p.s. i dont have enough credit on my phone sorry i couldnt text 🙂


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