Women and Children

An Open Letter to Boko Haram



Hi Abubakar,


I didn’t intend to write you this letter initially as I feel that all the media campaigns are enough to touch your heart, if you have any, and bring you to your senses.


However, I met with a pastor at a conference who showed her sympathy for the atrocity you and your men are committing. She said that her daughter in Sweden is concerned about the kidnapped girls and prays for their safe release. I wondered that if people from other continents who are unrelated to your victims and their families could show concern for their fellow humans , how much more should you feel if you were born by a woman.

I thanked her for her sympathy and told her that we will continue to pray until good triumphs over evil.


When I returned home, I thought about our encounter and decided to write you this letter to at least lend my voice and pray you have a change of heart

Hope this will not be like a salt that is poured into the ocean which makes no different.

Credits: Creative Commons
Credits: Creative Commons

It might be coming from a nobody but it’s from a heavy heart filled with pains and sorrows. You might have ignored all the entreaties from the most influential people in the world but please do not over look this. Treat this letter with the utmost importance and urgency it deserves and ‘bring back our girls’.


Have you no compassion on the thousands of innocent souls that are wasted by your group on a daily basis. They are human beings like you and I and deserve better than being roasted like yams and goats. Would you like to die that kind of painful death? How cruel can you be?


You capitalize on the corruption and ineptitude of the present government to make sure your tracts are covered but how long do you think it will last? Remember the saying that nothing is hidden under the sun? Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner. How long can you be on the run?


How about past notorious dictators and rulers? How did they end up?

The blood of the innocent citizens will be on your head and that of your sponsors.


What is your anger? You are opposed to a Christian president and western education. Isn’t the country for both Christians and Muslims so why can’t either of them be in power?


You will rather the girls are married off before their first menstrual cycle so that they will be perpetual slaves in their husband homes. Men and women are created equal and none is supposed to enslave another. The wife is to be a helpmate and not an object in the house to be used by the man however he wishes. And how can this be if she is not educated to be able to think for herself as an entity.

I assume you know the benefits of  literacy  as you attended school yourself and can express yourself in the language of civilization.


I need not remind you of the things you are fully aware of but feign ignorance.

Enough of the bomb blast and killings. Enough of fighting for a god you obviously do not know. Turn from your evil ways and surrender your arms.

Refuse to be used by evil politicians to disrupt the present administration.


Now is the time to give in to the world’s pleas for tomorrow may be too late.

Read this letter carefully and bring back our girls!


From a concerned citizen,





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