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It Feels Like Home

Whenever a person decides to live the (dis)comfort of his or her home country to another, she should be willing to take challenges that come with the new environment.


And should bear in mind that she is going to meet a new culture and probably a new language.

For those coming from other continents, weather should also be considered.

A proper inquiry/research should be made to reduce the shock that might be experienced in the new place.

Arriving in Finland is one of the best things that has happened to me in recent times. I am gradually recovering from the culture shock and of course,the weather and language.


I do not yet speak the language despite my two years+ stay but before long it will be a thing of the past, and the language barrier broken.

I have learnt not to be pushy nor overly friendly but take things and people as they come.

Unlike Nigerians, the Finns are quite shy and mostly introverted, yet, they are very nice and kind when you get to know them. They don’t talk so much nor smile often.

Helsinkind Jump

However, when the trees and flowers recover from the frozen winter and come alive in the summer, Finns are happier as everyone tries to make the best use of the short period of abundant sunlight.

Although I miss my home country and my family sometimes, I intend to stay in Finland for a few more years.

It’s gradually feeling like a home away from home, thanks to the lovely friends around.




17 thoughts on “It Feels Like Home”

  1. My first cold winter away from home could have been lonely, but I had my family with me. Learning the language and culture helps to remove barriers and leave you feeling less isolated. Summer and European cities change. I like how you captured that. It’s true!


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