Short Stories


It was was not the first time the door bell rang; it had been ringing for the last few minutes and Chudi ignored it.


As Jane walked from the kitchen to where he sat, face buried on a foreign magazine, he looked up and she meant to ask if he hadn’t heard the bell but on a second thought, she walked past him.

The Piggy-Bank.

The visitor must have been certain that someone was in the house as she pressed it simultaneously. They could almost feel her impatience and annoyance from the way the sounds came.


Just before the huge brown doors swung open, she wondered what kept him from opening the door. Jane looked at him once more and politely asked if he was expecting someone. He merely shook his head and returned his gaze to the paper on his hands.


She was greeted by a young pregnant woman and her twin sons as the door was opened.


”Yes, can I help you?” She inquired.


”Is is this Chudi’s house?”

”I am his wife…”


Jane would have slapped her for insinuating that her husband was also hers but held her peace seeing her condition.


A second look at the boys revealed a much younger picture of her beloved man.

She became more confused.


”So Chudi had a family outside and hid it from me all this while; despite all I have done for him.

I will teach him a lesson he will never forget!”


She smacked her lower lips as pondered on the new development.


Had she not met him at a shop where the shop keeper almost assaulted him but for timely intervention.

She paid for his grocery and he in appreciation offered to help carry her heavy bags to

her car.


They got talking and met a few more times before he moved in with her.

He professed an undying love for her but she was sceptical at first. There was no other woman in his life and he will never look at any other while he lived. He claimed.


Jane wanted to shut the door and walk away and pretend as if she never had such meeting that day.

Yet, her hands were frozen and too heavy to move. Her legs too. Only the eyes went to and fro the woman and her children and back, mouth agape.


”Please come in”.


She motioned to them and helped the boys climb the stairs in the front of the door.


By the time she returned with the visitors, Chudi was no no longer at the living room.

They sat down and I went to fetch him to explain himself.


He was in the toilet so she went back to keep the visitors company until he finished.

Yet, twenty minutes later he had not shown up.


She went back to the toilet and knocked, he didn’t answer and after some time, she turned the door handle, it wasn’t locked so she opened the door.


He was sweating profusely and his eyes were red as though he had been crying for many days.

He must have over heard the conversation and knew he could keep the secret no longer.


”Please, I’m sorry, let me explain, it’s not what you think”


He muttered words amidst tears and begged to be heard.


Jane tried to control her emotions and motioned him with her trembling hands to come down to see his guests.


She was heartbroken put promised herself not to weep before them.


”Daddy, daddy, where is the helicopter you promised to buy for us?”


The boys ran to him and was all over him.


He said nothing but asked them to sit down.


”What are you doing here?” He asked the pregnant lady.

She ignored him and looked away.


There were more sweat on his body than a football player in an extremely hot weather.


Jane got tired of the suspense and though she knew they were his children and mistress she wanted to hear from him.


He explained that he had known her before they met and he fell in love with her.

He didn’t love her but because of the children he visited her occasionally which resulted in another pregnancy.


Chudi and Jane had been married for two years yet he didn’t deem it fit to tell her about his past.


Now she knew where he rushed to whenever they had a misunderstanding.

What a grave mistake to have trusted him. And to think he wasn’t bothered about Jane’s inability to conceive.

How heartless can some men be!


She gave him a resounding slap and asked him to pack his bags and leave her house immediately.

She also took the car keys which she bought for him on his birthday and walked them out of her house.


Have you ever been cheated on by your spouse and what was your reaction?



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