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Lessons From Life

We often don’t value what we have until it’s gone.


For instance, we take good health for granted as though it’s our birth-right until sickness or an infirmity sets in. Only then do we remember the importance and necessity of a sound health.

Few people take out time to appreciate the free gifts of God to man on a daily basis.

Some Christians  rarely pray except when they are in distress (I am also guilty of this offence sometimes)

Others tend to dwell more on what is lacking in their lives rather than focusing on the brighter side of life.

What should be our attitude towards every day living?


Even for the seemly small gifts.

The air we breath and the fact that we wake up the every morning are enough encouragement not to give up on our dreams; for once there is life, there is hope.

A positive disposition is vital to a fulfilled life even when we don’t have all that is desired. There should be a willingness to try again, dream again and move on with life.

This is also speaking to myself.


There are days that I am so worried and anxious that am unable to achieve anything meaningful.

A day could be wasted in an attempt to regain yesterday. Yet we know that time is



Nowadays, I try to shift my main focus from what I need and what I must get right in my life and family to how to put a smile on peoples’ faces and make them happy.

That, for me, is fulfilment in life.





4 thoughts on “Lessons From Life”

  1. Thank you Hope Nwosu,
    The post lets me to wake it up and to pay attention to your focus. It is very nice post.
    It needs to pray every day for three times it depends on thier mind to pray or not. I am a new beliver, so I forgot often. One of pastors said that we keep constantly to follow god’s word that means everything decipline in the bible. I try to focus writing and improving in English, it is not easy to make it.


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