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Finland is one of the best European countries to visit in summer ( if you ask me)

It offers a rare peaceful and luxurious natural atmosphere. Air is clean and almost unpolluted. People are calm and easy-going.

The summer provides a perfect opportunity to see around the country. From the densely populated Helsinki to sparsely inhabited Kristinastad.

It’s ironic that a handful of people travel out to other countries at a time that they need to enjoy the environment to the fullest.

The land is green all over the country which boasts of more forest reserve than its neighbours.

The summer is not complete without a trip to the forest to collect berries. My older daughter is already warming up and asking when we will make our first journey

That will be a topic of discussion some other time.

Well, back to the main subject matter.

This post is about how to successfully live and adapt in Finland, and be just like the native Finns, at least in mannerism. (blonde hair doesn’t come easily)

Having spent a couple of years in one of the coldest Nordic countries, I have learnt a few lessons from Finns which I will like to share with my readers:


Finns are by default humble. Sometimes I think that they are too humble and need to boast a little. They don’t like to sing their own praise and will rather that you discover who they are than be told. It’s difficult to know who they really are at the first meeting. They prefer to talk about their simple every day life first and dive deeper at subsequent meetings.


This is another great quality I noticed through my interactions. Finns say what they mean and mean what they say. No more, no less.

And when they have nothing to say or if they are not hundred percent sure, they keep silent.


No small talks please. Say only what is important and shut up!

Time Consciousness.

Never waste a Finn’s time . Keep your appointments and be on time. You can’t be too early to a meeting. Better early than late.


While all Finns may not be kind or helpful to foreginers, I have met many Finns who have shown kindness and willing to offer help. I am therefore tempted to conclude that all of them are kind-hearted.

There are a lot more that I have learnt in my interaction with Finns but space will fail me to list them all in one post.


Are there peculiar cultures and people you have met?

What interests you most ? Share your experience in the comments.



8 thoughts on “A Place To Be”

  1. actually my first visit to Europe started from Finland a couple years ago and in that short trip even before i go to other European countries and before making any comparison I realized how humble the Finns were. and i didnt see that in other countries. people in Germany were so nice and sonetimes helpful in finding adresses but Finland was something unique!


  2. Hi Hope Nwosu,

    Finland is like my personality. I am same as what you said Finn. I think real hearted people are claim and silence inside their heart. I really go to trip in Finn when I will have summer time in Europe. My area is like Hawaii weather or better ocean breath, so I feel like staying vacation place it is the best relaxation place to do stock of paper work at the offic room.


  3. I have heard from a lot of people that Finland is a lovely place to live. Sure seems like so.
    I went to Bangkok in 2011 and although people there were always helpful an friendly, they were a bit weird!


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