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Appreciate Yourself


Have you ever come to a point where no one seems to appreciate your sincere efforts or kind gestures such that you begin to doubt your self worth?

You are not alone.

In as much as you shouldn’t do things or offer help and expect peoples approval or appreciation in return, morales are boosted when you get ‘ a thank you’ from someone whom you have helped. It’s a lot of encouragement when you see that people take notice of what you have done for them, it inspires you to do more.

What should be your attitude when no one (especially those you care for)seems to notice your actions. Should you give up entirely or succumb to self doubt?


By no means!

As long as you put in your very best into something or someone, be assured that you have done no wrong; move on with your life and keep doing good.

One day, your good works will speak for you even in your absence.





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