Everyday Life

Enough is Enough


Are these signs of end time?

Terrorism, massacre, death and more death. There is hardly any peaceful continent where one form of war or the other is not going on.

What went wrong and who is to be blamed.

It’s time to stand up for humanity and the sanctity of the human life. No man has the right to take another’s life.

Stop the killings of innocent and vulnerable citizens world over, from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, to Africa.

Hasn’t there been enough blood shed?

My heart bleeds when I see these helpless victims, particularly women and children. How can I not take note of the young lives that are cut short on a daily basis.

It’s so sad. Men and women slaughtered like cows and chickens. They are humans like you and I.

When did human lives become so cheap that the murderers have nothing to worry about. Have they sold their conscience and human sympathy to the weapons of mass destruction?

The world must arise and make a conscious effort to protect lives and properties.

Say no to terrorism!

Say no to war!





4 thoughts on “Enough is Enough”

  1. sometimes we think human being is now civilized but its not actually true when they still kill other people over power, money or anything else


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