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4 Things My Mother Taught Me

I haven’t seen my beloved mother in almost four years as we are thousands of mile away from each other.. All I hear is her sonorous tender voice over the telephone inquiring as to our well-being.

Whenever I say that I miss my home country, I actually mean that I miss my dear mother; she is one in a million and the best mother that any daughter or son will be proud of

What value and good manners do I know which I didn’t learn from my mother?

  1. She taught me humility: I am the second to the last of my mother’s children and I can confidently say that my mother is down to earth. I have never heard her brag about her material acquisition to anyone, even among other women.

Her modest appearance and countenance lends credence to this very fact.

  1. Obedience: Coming from a typical African family where family values are highly esteemed, I learnt from my mother that I should always respect my elders and even those younger than myself.

I am not to talk down on any body because of age or social standing.

Respect is reciprocal.

  1. Hard work: My mother is not lazy. She began work at a young age after her marriage and she also studied at the same time. Bedsides her teaching job, she also had a shop in front of the house. We all went there to relax in the evenings.

Laziness of any kind was forbidden and every child had a role to play in the family, age notwithstanding.

Like the Biblical virtuous woman, she helped my father a great deal, took care(she hasn’t stopped though) and made sure we were all happy.

  1. Contentment: Despite that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I learnt to make do with what I have. If we needed something in the house which was unavailable, she would tell us to ‘improvise’ rather than borrow from the neighbours. Yet, people came to our house when they had need and she freely gave to them.

She told us that her own mother trained her in the same manner and it was only fair to inculcate it in us.

In this age of technology where parents barely have time for their kids, and they learn all sorts of things from friends and adults, it’s necessary that parents, particularly mothers, should slow down a bit and teach their children virtues which money cannot buy, which will see them through in their life pursuits.

The list of what my mother taught me is inexhaustible; I will probably list more in subsequent posts.

Do you have any special lessons from your mother for which you are indebted to her?

Please share your stories in the comment box.


5 thoughts on “4 Things My Mother Taught Me”

  1. Your mother sounds amazing! And I really like the picture.
    My mom has taught me many things (literally, she homeschools us!), but the most important thing she has taught me to do (along with my dad) is grow in love with God and to grow in my faith. Everything else falls in to place after that.


    1. Thank you.
      I think that the most precious thing parents can teach their children is the fear and love of God.
      I also learnt this from my mother and father and I am eternally grateful for that.


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