Africa Update and Guest Post

There are a lot of misconceptions about Africa particularly  from westerners. Not so much is known about her people and culture.

and the few things that people know are negative things and probably untrue.

Here are some of the stereotypes:

-There is no food-famine

– Majority are illiterates

-Nothing good comes from there.


On the contrary, Africa is a very rich continent blessed with rich natural and human resources.

However, only few countries can boast of good leadership. African rulers have no doubt given the continent a bad and individuals must now prove themselves to be accepted in the world at large.


Anyway, this is a serious issue and only a few lines here will not make so much difference.

From time to time, I will be writing on this topic here and you can also find other blog posts on this topic at Lex Solo’s Political Ranting


Also, if you would like me to contribute to your blog on this  topic and any other topic, get in touch:





8 thoughts on “Africa Update and Guest Post”

  1. My wife and I have considering touring Africa. However, our general impression is that the entire continent is unsafe, with the possible exception of South Africa (although I’ve heard it has a high crime rate). What would you consider the safe countries to visit, for a tourist?


    1. Not all 47 countries in the continent are unsafe despite the political instability in these places.
      South Africa might have a high crime rate but it hardly affects tourists. There are also a host of other safe countries which I could check out and get back to you.
      You may also wish to search the internet in addition.


      1. I guess associating political instability with danger may not always be the most accurate way to assess the safety of a country. Thank you for suggesting this new way of considering things.


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