10 thoughts on “Facebook; a Time to Hold on and a Time to Let Go”

  1. Hi, Hope.
    You left a like on a comment I made on another blog–which led me to your blog. Very nice post! I’ve never had a Facebook account (not because I’m older, but because I know myself….). So glad to hear what you said–because the priority for me right now is finding time to blog without ruining the rest of my life! Not easy, but definitely doable. The addictive factor with social media is powerful. I hear you saying that if it’s managing your time (and thus your life), instead of vice versa, kiss it goodbye! Which you have. Well done!


  2. Hello Hope…great post. I definitely understand and agree with the need to balance. It can be really hard when you work full-time, are a full-time parent and are trying to find time to write, spend time with children, household responsibilities, etc. Social networking can make or break us, especially as writers. As you have said, we have to spend time creating good content and much of that time can be sucked up on social networking sites if we are not careful. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nice one Hope. I’m still on Facebook though but very true what you said. Somehow I’ve been able to balance my time there. The balancing I need help with is my Writing 201 course but for now, I’ll just cherish the useful post and check them later…all because I don’t have time!


  4. Hope you are right many people divorced by Facebook or other dating online. It is getting not faithful. One woman talked to people at the church if you look on Facebook, to try to make bible book. It is too much distraction of people’s life. In my case, I did not use even though I have been opened Facebook. Recently, I have been checking Facebook, it is wasting time, but it is hard to avoid because a friend to meet on Facebook and connected the information. It displayed too much personal journeys. It is getting mess around in people’s social life without valuable.


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