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What I Dislike About the Summer

Well, don’t get me wrong. I love summer and so will you especially if you live in Finland and have seen many months of freezing temperatures and darkness.

In fact, the only way to survive the Finnish winter is to look forward to the bright and warm summer days. You pray and fast for the cold days to be over with the hope of having a fun-filled summer holiday but you notice that not all that glitters is gold. The summer also has it’s own short comings (nothing compared to winter though).

This year’s summer was unusually warm, it was one of the warmest in recent times. I eagerly looked forward to it as it was one of the few things I missed about my home country. It eventually came though belatedly. People were glad that they could be out-doors in singlets and pants. And eat ice cream in peace without freezing their mouths.

However, when the temperature exceeded 32 degrees, people were alarmed and will rather have it colder. The few beaches around bore the brunt as the whole city literally lived there.

I for once, also wished for a cooler weather.

Okay, are you still surprised why I don’t like the world’s favourite season?

Find out below:

– It is only in the summer that all the insects including mosquitoes and houseflies are everywhere.

It was so warm in the house that we had to leave the windows open most of the time. These insects used the opportunity to terrorize us, especially my older daughter. She usually woke up with mosquito bites in the morning. The flies also were not left out. They were all over the place humming discordant rhymes. They gave us an extra job of chasing them around. The little girl learnt to speak this period as she joined in begging the insects to ‘run away’

  • Another reason why I don’t wish for summer any more is that it makes my lazy. I am usually busy writing when its colder as soon as kids are in bed but with the summer, kids no longer want to have a long nap as there are many out door activities waiting. They want to go the park, beach and parties at the same time, and have fun as long as it lasts. As soon a they wake in the morning, the first thing I hear is that they want to go out. I have to oblige as I can’t do any meaningful job like writing if they are restive.
  • the warm weather also makes me spend more money than usual. We go shopping more often and they must have ice cream and candies each time. I just noticed that I spent twice the amount than I did at other periods.

Now that the summer is officially over in Finland, and the cold weather gradually sets in, I look back and am glad that the summer came after-al, we desperately needed a break it.


The flies are gradually disappearing without any of us having to chase them around, and the mosquitoes are no where to be found, thanks to autumn.

And yes, I look forward to the next summer.


What is your favourite season and why?

Please share your experience in the comments.

31 thoughts on “What I Dislike About the Summer”

  1. Hi
    I am from Kuwait. I like summer because it involves lots of outdoor activities unlike winter. Winter just makes you want to stay at home and grab a cup of coffee. Here the temperature during summer is 50C which is unbearable. But still I like summer.
    Lovely post. Loved reading it.


  2. Tired of the bugs and the humidity here in the Carolinas, and I’m looking forward to cool autumn air. But I’m thankful there is still time to get just a few more swims in the ocean before the water gets cold. Summer makes me appreciate water. Winter makes me appreciate Spring. Wouldn’t it be strange if we didn’t have different seasons?


    1. I agree that it would be boring and monotonous if we had only one season. God in His infinite wisdom made seasons for our own good.

      Thanks for reading and finding time to leave a comment.


  3. Ha ha my son runs around the house when only one fly comes in during summer.I cant write during hot weather, which is an irony because I was educated in Uganda.My primary school is just off the Equator lol.Perharps I didnt know any different!


  4. Haha, never happy are we? The same in Norway, nobody has airconditioning as standard, you cant sleep because of the heat. Now it’s 15 degrees, partly cloudy and i am actually very satisfied! You can crack a window without freezing..


  5. I hate mosquitoes…and they love me. My bites swell up twice the size compared to my partner.

    We get winters as cold as -35 to -40 degrees C several days each winter. It’s a drag because we live in the prairies: less trees for wind breaks.

    Look forward to reading more about life in Finland.


    1. Good to know that Finland is not the coldest in the world.
      I try to write about life in Finland from time to time.
      Do you have any specific topic(s) you would like me to write about Finland?


  6. Ah I loved this!! 🙂 I grew up in the South back home and am all too used to 32 degrees. I miss the horribly long, hot, sticky summers in Georgia, but this cool Irish weather is growing on me too. I don’t know what to do!!! I was in Norway and Sweden this last winter and was blown away at the amount of snow everywhere. Never before in my life had I seen something like that!


    1. Yea, winter in Nordic countries is something else.
      We are already looking forward to the next summer as a way of coping with long dark months and freezing temperatures.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I can just picture your kids pestering you to get out and about. I enjoyed reading your post. I’m not sure what my favorite season is anymore. I don’t think I would enjoy your winters but I do love snow.


  8. It is fun to read your blog Hope. I like summer time and winter time. South Bay areas like Hawaii except winter. Winter is a little bit cooler air in this area. It is very nice weather in southern California. It is close by the Pacific Ocean, so we inhale fresh air, and trees are green all year around. I like hot summer, but here is cool air in the morning and evening. I really enjoy summer time to walk on the beach. Winter time is cold fresh air in this area. I do not like spring time and fall season because it is allergy season then flowers pollen bother many people’s nose, eye, and throat. I have been experienced insect and animals in my front yard in summer time. I have two kinds grape trees, it bears so many grapes, but animals ate half of grapes. It is sweet grapes from the trees. Insects ate plants leaves of lemon trees. It means we live together in the planet.


  9. I don’t have a favorite season, but I can do without the winter woes! 32 degree temperatures and snow doesn’t make my hurt flutter lol. If I had to chose, I would have to say Spring is the best season for me and my allergies lol.


  10. We are still in the summer season here in Southern California. I am thinking 32 degrees you mentioned is Celsius or 32C. Right now it is 82 F (Fahrenheit ) here. Which is not that bad for here. I don’t know which is worse the hot or cold. Mosquitos are miserable though. Can you get screens on your windows?


  11. I too will be glad for the end of summer. I am thankful for all seasons nature gives us, but I have to say, I love fall and winter best. The heat, the bugs, the sinus problems! I love fall’s colors and the snow (although living in southern U.S. we don’t get a lot of snow, so it’s just the right amount). It’s beautiful to me.


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