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Why You Shouldn’t Take Good Health for Granted

We sometimes take the free gifts of nature(from God) for granted until they are gone. Good health seems like our birthright and we don’t imagine what it feels to be sick unless it actually happens.

I have been a ‘healthy kid’ since my childhood despite the fact that we didn’t have  it all. Good health and longevity kind of runs in our blood, as I am told. I don’t remember the last time any of us fail ill, weather fluctuations notwithstanding. We hear about friends and relations taking ill at one time or the other but it hardly got close us. That’s not to say that we are special or better than those that get ill.


photo credit: Grumpy-Puddin via photopin cc
photo credit: Grumpy-Puddin via photopin cc

I also took the healthy concept into my new family, incidentally my husband is of the same belief. He also doesn’t get sick often. Watching my children grow from month to month without incidences of ill-health gives me joy and I can only thank God for that.

Little wonder that I was taken unawares when my older daughter caught flu. I thought it would disappear in a day or so and that the rest won’t be affected. How wrong was I.

I have lived a good number of my years in perfect health that it somewhat seems strange when a person close to me takes ill. I am so spoiled that I don’t know the name of any drugs, except Pandol. I was alarmed the next day when she couldn’t breath properly. I didn’t know what else to do except to pray for her to get well and to hope for a quick recovery. I never even imagined that the flu might spread to the rest of us.

We woke up the next morning to see that I couldn’t also breath properly, without putting pressure on my small nose. A check on the little one also showed the same symptom. As if that was not enough, my head and eyes pounded with pain as though it will explode. I was taken aback as I thought of the next line of action.

The cause of the flu was attributed to the recent change in weather but I also learnt a lesson form the incident. When was the last time I thanked God for the gift of life and good health to us? It dawned on me that we’ve been enjoying a rare privilege and shouldn’t fail to give glory to God Almighty for His benefits.

As the headaches and painful nose gradually subside, I can’t but thank God for many years of good health and His blessings upon our lives.


What are you grateful for?

Please share in the comment box.


10 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Take Good Health for Granted”

  1. Hope, our God is a loving God. I really like the way you started that until one lost what he has, he will not know the value. God knows when and how to bring us to the recognition of His grace upon our lives. I thank God that you and your family are better now and you were very fast to know what He want to teach you through the flu. May His name be glorified forever and ever in the name of Jesus Christ.


  2. I am so grateful that I am getting my health back one day at a time. After living with chronic pain for the better part of 13 years. You become extremely grateful for days without pain.


  3. Hi! I haven’t been in a constant no-colds situation as you. But I can say that I am very grateful to have God’s love for He has save me over and over many times since I had my first brain surgery that was of a non-cancerous meningioma; then a second one for a non-cancerous acoustic neuroma. In my recovery from these surgeries I have relied on God for his strength, power, and love to keep on going through whatever challenges I had to overcome. I am now an active and productive person again. Praise Him, For His love for all of us is Great!



  4. The flu is not fun. It can get very serious too. Here in the US we can get immunized every year to prevent the flu. It is very hard on the youngest and the oldest or people with health problems. I get the flu “shot” every year. I have had the flu in the past and don’t want a repeat. Healthcare workers here are recommended to get the flu shot so as not to spread the flu to vulnerable people who are already ill. I feel grateful when I recover from illness. I am always in awe of our body’s ability to heal.


    1. I’m not certain if there’s any immunization against flu here but now that you mentioned it, I can as well ask a nurse.
      People tend to forget as soon as they recover.


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