Miracles Still Happen!

Ever found yourself in a bad situation and thought you might never get out of it?

Often times, things happen to us and we tend to despair, concluding there’s no hope. I like to tell you that there’s no ugly situation that’s beyond repair if you hand it over to Christ. It comes to a point in one’s life when everything humanly possible has been done, yet, no improvement. The only thing needed to turn things around becomes a supernatural intervention, a miracle.

photo credit: flickrolf via photopin cc
photo credit: flickrolf via photopin cc

I have seen broken hearts mended, the barren giving birth to twins and terminal diseases miraculously healed. Not to mention destinies that were miraculously transformed. All things are possible if we don’t give up on God. He is the God of eleventh hour and is always on time. That delay you are experiencing is not denial; even though it tarries, wait on God!

Trust in God and he shall grant you the desires of your heart. There’s nothing too hard for the Lord.

Have a positive disposition and trust in God; He will not allow you to be put to shame.


15 thoughts on “Miracles Still Happen!”

  1. Amen to that! Each word that you’ve written holds a strong and deep meaning to it. The grass is always greener on the other side. If we have a little faith in God, it can ease every pain 🙂


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