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Zimbabwean First Lady Bags PhD Two Months After Enrollment

Grace Mugabe, the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, has reportedly been awarded a PhD in Sociology just two months after enrolling at University of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe happens to be the chancellor of the school.

For her thesis, the first lady carried out a study of children’s homes in Zimbabwe.

Many are questioning the plausibility of someone earning a PhD in just eight weeks.

Robert and Grace Mugabe

            Robert and Grace Mugabe

“A doctorate involves writing a thesis, after having a research question prepared, writing a proposal and then writing the thesis where one needs to research it, critique it then it can be marked, but that could take a few years,” said Greg Linnington, a lecturer at the university.

Another university administrator expressed bewilderment at the awarding of the PhD, stating that one would need a good Master’s degree before enrolling for a doctorate program.

The first lady reportedly obtained her first degree in Chinese Language in 2011.

Zimbabweans are expressing outrage about the issue.


27 thoughts on “Zimbabwean First Lady Bags PhD Two Months After Enrollment”

  1. Hmnn – I have always known that to a large degree Africa is indeed a country. Our Madam Patience of Nigeria has a PhD too from Korea or someplace. We seem to relate well when it comes to celebration of shame.


    1. Our leaders are also to be blamed for the half-baked graduates turned out by the universities. Hard work and merit are gradually getting unpopular in Africa. Little wonder that parents sell lands and properties to send their children overseas.


      1. You are right. But as it stands today, we all have to chip in to make a better Nigeria, most lecturers are very lazy and award degrees based on plagiarisms, only waiting for excuse to embark on another strike. Our leaders are too weak and don’t care enough to be bothered.


  2. The good news if that the public has heard about it now. We have been in a “Master Cleanse” as a planet my friends and we see all things come to the surface. We are washing away the hidden “secrets’ by exposing them, yet remaining in our own center of “Love” Thank you both for being such strong “lights: in a country of turmoil. I send you and your country the help of ALL angels “more light” to you and your country! Heart to Heart Robyn
    Martin Luther King quote “without darkness we cannot see the stars”


  3. i’m so glad this is out in the open. i have been doubting the university system for a long time. are they teaching how to abuse and take advantage of everything ? and she looks dressed up to play her the part very seriously. may i call this a farce ?


  4. having taken a good three years to complete my PhD I know that hers cannot be a thesis of any merit. Simply nepotism at work and I can’t imagine the possibilities for the university if they did not award it. A terrible outrage. It seems Mugabe will live forever and the longer he lives the more outrageous he becomes. The future seemed so bright for Zimbabwe but not now as he becomes increasingly powerful. I don’t know what the way forward is – what do you think?


  5. The question is, will students currently completing their thesis at the university complain, or at least provided a lower cost for their completion. It is obvious, we who are educated enough to understand, that she did not gain the knowledge necessary to be awarded her PhD.


    1. The degree in question remains questionable. Two months! Not even enough for one semester. Shame on them for descending so low to engage in such malpractice. That’s the height of corruption in Zimbabwe!

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