Be Kind

Why should you show love to people around you?

Or is it even necessary to do so?

In a world of so much hate and war, we should endeavour not to add to what’s already on ground. Let’s shine as lights in a world that is filled with so much darkness. Show some love to people, especially those that may not be able to return the favour. It doesn’t to have to be material things. Money doesn’t always solve all problems.


photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc
photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc

Sometimes, giving a listening ear to a hurting heart is worth more than a million dollars. How about helping for instance, an old person or disabled with something they are struggling with?I see that in western cultures, everyone is responsible for themselves. Children don’t care so much about their aged parents, as opposed to close family relationships in third world countries.

Helping others brings joy and peace to both the helper and the helped. The world will be a safer place if we take it upon ourselves to make others happy on a daily basis.

Why not put a smile on a face today and see the positive effect  that will have on you?


Have you experienced an unusual act of kindness from a stranger?

Please share in the comments


13 thoughts on “Be Kind”

  1. I try to spread whatever measure of kindness I can each day- a greeter and a smile to a harried cashier, a compliment to the woman in front of me in line at the bank, any gesture that can turn the tide of another’s day. Nice to read your post today! 🙂


  2. Very sweet post! I try everyday to make at least on person smile or see the world more positively. I always hope that they will go on to make another person smile and so on. Makes me feel like I have a tiny impact on the world. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. True Hope. Giving (be it money, advice, stuffs, a hug) gives me pure joy (pun unintended). Such that when I come into a season of lack and I can’t give, it affects my response-ability.

    About experiencing an act of kindness from a strange…I’m thinking can’t remember when. But I have a gateman that is always ready and willing to help unasked…yes that should count! He doesn’t need to, as it is not part of his work, but he does and for that, I’m thankful.


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