A Grateful Heart

We ought to develop a heart of gratitude despite whatever challenges we face. Who knows how it might have been without God’s help?

Even though you haven’t gotten what you need from God, don’t cease to thank Him for what He will yet do.

There’s nothing too hard for the Lord to do.

He is able to guide you through life.

He can provide for you more than you will ever need.

He knows what is best for your future

He loves you.

Pour your heart to Him in time of need and  maintain a heart of gratitude at the same time.

He is able to see you through that challenges you are facing and take you to the next level.

Praise looks good on Him!


9 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart”

  1. You deserve a hug for this! You’re right. Our situations and struggles could be and most likely be so much worse if we didn’t have a loving God looking out for us. He knows what He’s doing and He has everything under control! Thank you for this post.


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