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You Can Be Outstanding

I was recently on a bus in transit to another city and I couldn’t help but notice the changes that come with autumn.

Most trees had yellow and brown leafs and others were already leafless. However, as we drove further, I also noticed that some other trees retained the green colour. They neither shaded leafs nor did they change colour

It then occurred to me that you can actually live above board, irrespective of the situation or environment.

You can still have peace in a chaos world.
Happiness is possible even with all the sad news around.
You can be rich despite the prevailing poverty.

And your dream job is still possible not withstanding the increasing unemployment rate.

All you need do is to refuse to be a victim of your circumstances. Don’t let your present condition define your future.

You can maintain a positive attitude, hope for the best and dream again!


17 thoughts on “You Can Be Outstanding”

  1. You are exactly right. It’s not our circumstances that define us, but it’s how we respond to them. We can be, think and do whatever we choose to. We can overcome any obstacle as long as we have the right mind set and determination to do so.


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