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Nothing Good Comes Easy

There’s no short cut to success and each person desiring to succeed may have to surmount certain kinds of obstacles to get their destination. It takes perseverance and long-suffering  to hold on even when all hope seems to be lost. There’s no need to give up now as your breakthrough may be closer than you thought.

It’s better to see the half full glass than the half empty. Always hope for the best even in the midst of hopelessness. Even if what you wished for didn’t materialize, the energy that could have gone into worry and anxiety will be saved and channelled  into something profitable. Not all dreams come true but I think it’s worse not to dream at all.

Dreams give you something to look forward to every day. It motivates one to wake up in the morning and try again.

Life will be meaningless if there was nothing to look forward to. It will be extremely boring and monotonous.

Don’t expect to have all you desire or wish for in a twinkle of an eye. Life is so mysterious that no one knows what tomorrow holds(but God knows). A day is enough to turn around a person’s destiny either for better or for worse.

Yet, there’s no need to despair.

Hope for the best in life and even if you don’t get all that you desire, you will get enough to carry on.


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