This is Finland

All Work and No Play…

I recall a popular childhood saying that ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ or something close to that. It’s been a long time since I heard the words and am not particularly sure of the correct sequence.

It was a reminder to the kids, especially the ‘bookworms’ who would rather be with their books than play at break time. They wanted to be the best students and anything else was a distraction. 

Later on, as far as I could remember, the clause was modified to include the lazy students who played more  than they read their books- ‘all play and no work makes jack a lazy boy’

Just like I’ve been too relaxed for sometime now. I get a bit lazy these days to sit in front of the computer and craft long posts.

Could it be that the tiring long dark days is also having a toll on my creativity, as it does on Finns’ emotions?

November is the darkest month in Finland and most people are unhappy at this time. It’s the best time to be out of the country if you have the means.

Moreover, the days are so dark that my brain can hardly think of great blog posts.

I now join  many others who can’t wait for this period to be over, so that my creativity and motivations may also return.


8 thoughts on “All Work and No Play…”

  1. It would be difficult to live in a dark place, even if for only a month. It would cause one to feel a bit suffocated I would think. We need the sunshine to rejuvenate our bodies and our minds. Maybe some happy, upbeat music would help?


  2. It’s hard for someone who lives in a tropical island to relate to long periods of darkness but here’s hoping that in the midst of little light, you can still be a big light to others through your posts 🙂


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