Great Reasons to be Thankful

It’s good to show gratitude even for the smallest gifts or acts of kindness you receive. Don’t wait for the big things before showing appreciation to your benefactor.

There’s an adage which says that if you thank a person for the little he has done, he’s likely to do more.

You may be tempted to compare your blessings to that of others and conclude that you have no reason to be grateful. But you don’t know what will come next.

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc
photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

And now that Christmas is around the corner, different kinds of gifts are likely to exchange hands. Don’t begrudge your spouse or friend for buying a cheap gift for you. Instead, be thankful that you were remembered in the first place. Some gifts are symbolic and it doesn’t mean you cannot afford something costlier.

You also don’t need to go out of your way to impress someone with a gift. The person might eventually not like the gift and you may be disappointed. The most important thing is the heart with which it was given.

This is also similar to our relationship with God. We sometimes think that He is unfair to us by not providing all that we asked of Him while He has given our neighbour all that they WANT.

Others think there’s no need to be grateful to God when they remain unemployed or unable to purchase that choice car or apartment. In this era of diseases and increased sicknesses, the most important thing to thank God for should be for the good health you have.

If you knew how costly(not just in monetary terms) it is to be sick then you will cherish what you have.

So as I reflect on the activities of the soon ending year, and on the things I have or the other needs that are yet to be met, I appreciate Him first of all for the sound health my family and I have been enjoying.

How about the thousands that have lost their lives in one conflict or the other?

You and I are not better than any of them.

Therefore, forget about the goals you haven’t achieved yet and be thankful for the seemingly small things you enjoy.

What are you thankful for as the year ends?

Please share your opinion in the comments.


14 thoughts on “Great Reasons to be Thankful”

  1. I learned a day ago that I should be thankful for the good health that I do have. I took it for granted by eating the wrong and unhealthy foods. I got sick a couple days ago from what i ate and that taught me a lesson. I guess God was trying to tell me that I should have listened to when people were telling me to stop eating so much fast foods. I am thankful for good health. 🙂


  2. Wow, what a great post. Thank you for sharing. Life taught me that people with a strong sense of gratitude, love and appreciation don’t necessarily have more than others; they aren’t “luckier.” They simply recognize and see the potential in their lives.


  3. I`m thankful for the doctors and counselors who work so hard to help me live a reasonably normal life, and I`m always happy for all those things that God didn`t give me, like an incurable disease, or unrelenting poverty, a war-torn country, etc. He could have given me all those things, but He didn`t, and for that I am grateful, so I try to do what I can for those who are suffering from one or more of those things.


  4. I’m thankful I can breathe. I’m thankful I’m alive. I’m thankful everyone I love is alive.
    And I’m thankful for WordPress and all the new blogs and new authors I’m finding.


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