3 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up Yet

Hope Nwosu

What happens when you refuse to give up on your dreams?

There is a popular saying that nothing good comes easy and that there is no short cut to success. A good number of great achievers and world famous rich people were once on the low ladder, but they did not like their positions and strived  to make a change.

You should never give up on your aspirations and dreams because:


Success is not inherited nor contagious but achieved over a period of perseverance and hard work.

It’s rare to see a famous or established person who did not pass through certain kinds of challenges before arriving at his or her present  position. Majority  have sad stories to tell and one thing is common; none of them gave up nor chickened out of their bad situations.

No condition is permanent

Once you understand the impermanence of a bad situation, it will be easier to see yourself emerge…

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