This is Finland

Hurray! Finland is 97!

Finland celebrates her 97th independence today. She was under  the Russian rulership for about a century before the civil war that led to her secession.

With a little over five million inhabitants, Finland is one of the best countries to live in.
It’s peaceful and ecologically friendly with a host of lakes and forest reserves. Its social security system is one of the best even in the Nordic countries. And it’s been ranked as the best country in the world for mothers.

Again, Finland has sound educational system and the students have been at the top in international assessments.

photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc
photo credit: Claudio.Ar via photopin cc

The country is family friendly as new mothers get at least nine months of paid maternity leave. Not to mention the unique baby packages to ensure that each new born gets the basic necessities for a healthy living.

Finland is an embodiment of modesty, both in the architectural designs and lifestyle. Finns are hardly extravagant. But are a bit shy and introverted.

Even though the Finnish language is among the hardest to learn, there are people who speak already after a few months of intensive training. It’s a matter of interest and determination. Securing a professional job might be quiet challenging but not impossible.

What’s more, Finland is a great county to live in if you love a simple and peaceful lifestyle.

To Finns and friends of Finns all over the world, this is wishing you a great celebration!
God bless Finland!


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