Awards and Nominations

I feel honored that my works are appreciated by other bloggers. It gives me great joy and encouragement to know that the resources invested on this blog are not in vain even though I have hardly had any monetary compensation (which would be great by the way)

Writing is one of my skills that makes me  happy and I can’t but write whenever I have the opportunity.

I want to thank fellow bloggers who have nominated ‘Stories Without Border’ for one award or the other. It means a lot to me and I appreciate it.

However, I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to ‘ act’ on any of the awards. There are now a handful of  different blogging awards and nominations that I don’t know where to begin from.

I may not be able to accept any more blog related awards since it’s difficult to act on them. So please, no more awards, for now.

If you are impressed by the stories shared on this blog, consider sharing the posts in your social networks or support the blog in other ways(more on it coming soon)

I appreciate your supports which has kept the blog going.
Happy blogging.


8 thoughts on “Awards and Nominations”

  1. I suspect if you were to accept and respond to every award nomination that came your very deserving way, you might start finding a certain lack of time to write the awe-inspiring articles that resulted in the nominations in the first place. There’s a rather vicious circle in there somewhere. Lol.


    1. That might be true. With over ten nominations, the blog posts would have been mainly on that which could be a turn off for new visitors. Moreover, I have limited time to spend on the blog with two little girls to care for.


  2. It’s great to know the work you are doing is appreciated, Hope! Like you, I’m always in awe. My Holiday blog ” wish” would be for sustainable blessings for all whose work inspires, motivates and makes a difference in the lives of others- Continue the work you are called to do.You are blessed to be a blessing and know that God will provide…


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