I often wonder what people, that is, spammers, gain from what they do. If it’s a way of advertising their products and service, then I think its the worst marketing strategy ever.

Wouldn’t it be better to write to the admin of the target medium and explain things rather than leaving off topic remarks here and there? Whatever makes them think the comments will be approved!

I don’t know about other bloggers but I get a handful of spam messages on a daily basis even in my email. Could it be my writing style or topics that attract them this much? I don’t  have hundreds of blog visit daily yet the number of spam is relatively high.

Can someone please tell these cheap advertisers about more dignified ways of selling products or driving traffics to websites. The number of mails in my spam box is such that it will take a couple of hours to filter. It’s more disturbing because genuine emails may also be trapped there.

Do you have any unusual experience with spammers?
Please share your concerns in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Spammers”

  1. Ok it is Akismet they were able to block 17,800 spams and I have only been blogging for 9 months! When you go into your gravatator you can find them on secure your site, if you do not have this already Much love, Robyn


  2. I get a ton a of spammers and every single one of them is blocked! They do not get to my email. I forget the name of the free blocking service I advertise it on my blog. It starts with an A
    I will see if I can look it up and come back in Heart to heart Robyn
    They must think the odds of getting one through to gain contact is doable, it is perplexing and I will never respond for sure!


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