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So Far; So Good!

As the year 2014 gradually comes to a close, I look back to the past 52 weeks and I can’t but thank God for His faithfulness. Each day of these weeks has been a miracle; an evidence of divine love and guidance.

How would it be like without His unfailing love? Totally unimaginable!
Yet, God has been faithful. His steadfast love never ceases  and His mercies never come to an end but are new every morning. I recall a popular song which says that when you look at your front, back, right and left, you will definitely see the great miracles of God.

For me, I think that life itself is the greatest miracle of God and any other blessing is a plus. Therefore everyone that sees the end of this year is  a testimony. Even if your expectations were not meet or some of your prayer requests are not yet answered, you still have a tangible reason to be thankful.

Think of the innocent people that lost their lives within the year. How about the critically ill?

As we count down to 2015, it’s a time to look at your actions and inactions, know where you got it wrong and determine to make amends.  Don’t over look your strength, rather put more effort and keep improving.

…To be continued…


14 thoughts on “So Far; So Good!”

  1. I thank you for reminding me to thank God for all the wonderful things he’s done for me not just this year, but every year, and every day of every year. And most of all, I thank Him just for being Him.


  2. Very nice post. I’m a little frustrated because I’ve lost my job and my husband lost his. I hope we still have a house next year! 🙂 It’s frustrating. I know God is there, but it’s hard.


    1. It’s sad to hear about your lost. However, be assured of God’s presence in your life. Perhaps, He has a better plan for your family. Don’t despair but have faith that God will make a way even where there seems to be none.


  3. Hope I am so happy to have gotten to know you in the blogging world, you are a very big hearted wonderful person, and looks like you jumped back into writing again! You are always very inspirational!

    Heart to heart Robyn


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