2015 Presidential Elections: The Giant of Africa Bleeds

My heart bleeds for the untold hardship and cruelty melted out to innocent Nigerians, particularly, in the North East. How can anyone explain the the atrocities of the deadly Boko Haram or the indifference of the present government?

How can more than two thousand innocent citizens be killed in one day and the avaricious politicians still have the effrontery to campaign for elections with the promise of taking the country to the ‘moon’.

photo credit: Commonwealth Secretariat via photopin cc
President Goodluck Jonathan                         photo credit: Commonwealth Secretariat via photopin cc


What went wrong? Do those killers and members of the terrorist group have any milk of human kindness flowing in them? What joy do they derive from gunning down their fellow human beings in the name of religion, politics, or whatever? I have countless questions for the terrorists and president ‘badluck’ Goodluck Jonathan.

It’s so sad that no concrete action has been taken by the government to put the situation under control. Even the curfews imposed on those parts ravaged by the group has not been able to curtail their heinous raids nor the numerous massacres .

From all indications, there’s little hope for the even those that are still alive. This is the height of ineptitude and bad governance on the part of the presidency. They have shown to the world once more that they are only there to serve their pockets and possibly embezzle as much funds as possible, much more than their generations unborn will ever need. The irony of the whole thing is that one day, the president and indeed, all humans will die also. Even though they may not be subjected to the same horrible deaths as these, it’s a simply indication that no one will live forever. This fact should have been enough to humble the leaders to do their best while in office.

The upcoming elections seem to be a do or die for the two most prominent candidates as they continue to make empty promises that will soon be forgotten as soon as they are elected. Nigeria would have been a better place to live in if half of the electoral promises were ever implemented.

She has hardly had any genuine leadership since independence and it makes one wonder if the most populous country in Africa is actually ‘cursed’ with bad leadership as recent reports insinuate.

photo credit: Michael Fleshman via photopin cc
photo credit: Michael Fleshman via photopin cc

As far as I’m concerned, none of the two prominent presidential candidates, seem to be the answer to the country’s multifaceted problems. None is likely to bring the much needed transformation that is a must if the country’s fortune is to be turned around for good. What she needs is a radical and charismatic leader with a clean record who will not be afraid to fight corruption in all it’s appearances, a true leader not a ruler. A person with a genuine interest and love for the fatherland who will look beyond ethnic and religious sentiments and do a through cleansing in the land.

As the countdown to February 14, continues, most people are wondering if it will be a free and fair election, or will it be business as usual for the electoral commission and the stake holders ? Will the electorate be allowed to have a say on who leads them or will the highest bidder take home the trophy with pre-determined results? Only time will tell. With many voters’ cards still not found less than one month to the d-day, the world is watching to see whether this election will be the last in the history of Africa’s largest oil producer or if it will mark a new beginning of a responsible government.

As you go about your daily duties, please don’t forget to spare a thought for those two thousand that lost their lives for no fault of theirs, and also the countless grief-stricken families who mourn their losses, and indeed, all victims of terrorism including the widely reported tragedy in France.

Do remember them in your prayers and reach out to the survivals if you have the means.


5 thoughts on “2015 Presidential Elections: The Giant of Africa Bleeds”

  1. You are not alone here, mind boggles seeing reaction of the president – business as normal as if nothing happened.

    Great to see you write about this, it is sad feeling that won’t go away until BH is defeated.


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