3 Facts About Nagging Men

There’s nothing as annoying as a nagging man; be it a colleague, a friend or a passersby. The feeling is often similar.
The worst part of it is when you live under the same roof with that
kind of man.

The Bible says it’s better to live on the roof top than with a nagging woman. However, it didn’t specify what to do when the man, the supposed head of the family turns out to be the ‘Nagger’.
Should she also pack up and live on the roof top?

There are many reasons why a man may  choose to nag in his own house, rather than seeing to his God assigned duties and ‘enforcing’ law and order.
Some may be emotional, psychological or even spiritual:

1. Insecurity: This may be one of the main reasons why some men nag. It seems to be a means to voice the inner turmoil. They may be afraid of their future or not been able to meet up with people’s expectations.

2. Low self-esteem: Generally, people  who don’t feel good about themselves tend to look for other things to fill the gap. A nagging man is often one who finds fault with every thing around him. Usual and normal things in the family like the sound of his playing children suddenly irritate him and he tends to transfer his anger to his wife, in form of endless and tiring talks.

3. Fear of the unknown: Excessive fear or worry about things, real or imaginary may also contribute in the making of a nagging man. The fact that he’s not certain of his future may lead him to relieve his anxiety through unnecessary lengthy brawls.

What are other causes of nagging in men? Do you know of any solution?
Please share your thoughts in the comment box


11 thoughts on “3 Facts About Nagging Men”

  1. I think you are very right with the 3 reasons men may nag. Same reasons really as women. Low self esteem and worry. If people don’t have God to take their worries too, they get all piled up inside and we can only handle so much til they overflow and get vented in different ways.


    1. That’s true. The presence of God in ones life is key to genuine happiness with all the ills in the world. This can make a man/woman to be reliant on God and take their cares to Him in difficult times rather than vent it out on the nearest person.


  2. I feel like finances can cause a man to nag. It ties in with low self-esteem. They can feel less of a man, and feel bad about not being able to provide for his family. This can place much strain on relationships of all kinds…friends, family, colleagues. Some men tend to nag about the bills (when there are no savings), because they are not able to make payments on time. And not knowing what to expect for the next day after all of the money is gone (when it’s the man’s responsibility), becomes the worry of the woman. She then has to wear the pants, in which they will throw anger towards you because they can’t hold their own.

    *Not speaking from experience, just perspective.

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  3. Perhaps people nag when they don’t get what they want. Is the request reasonable? Then why should the person nag? Perhaps some good, open communication is the answer (says the woman who bottles everything up and doesn’t talk). Personally, I refuse to nag. I ask once or twice and after that I do it myself (usually with a hefty load of irritation). Sigh! Seems there’s no perfect relationship!


    1. I agree with you that there’s no perfect relationships. I think that an open and unbiased dialogue could help. Yet some men who think they’re superior and are always right will rather nag than settle the issue amicably.

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