I’m Glad to be Back!

Wow! Time flies really fast.

I didn’t realize it’s been more than a month since I published the last post on this blog.

I wanted to take a few weeks off to put finishing touches to my soon-to-be-realised novel, Sold Out.

Little did I know I’d be away for this long. I haven’t even had time to visit the blog for some time now.

photo credit: some call it work via photopin (license)
photo credit: some call it work via photopin (license)

I’m happy to announce to you that I’m back again, for good. I appreciate those of you who hadn’t hit the ‘subscribe’ button despite the sudden silence.

We are yet to cross the final T’s and dot the I’s of my forthcoming novel and I do have other commitments but I will endeavour to publish here as much as time permits.

My readers will be given a glimpse of the new book as I intend to be posting a few paragraphs once in a while so you know what to expect when it eventually comes out. This will be my own little way of showing appreciation for your loyalty.

Be encouraged to pursue your dreams even in the face of challenges and discouragements. You have the key to your success in life.

I thank you for your readership.


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