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Thoughts On The Pregnant Cameroonian Woman Who Was Left To Die.

I watched with horror and a deep sense of loss the video  of a pregnant woman who was abandoned by a Cameroonian hospital because she couldn’t afford to pay the stipulated fees.  She was in labour when her niece brought her to the hospital but the staff refused to attend to her until her family paid the hospital fees.  The fact that she was  pregnant with twins couldn’t change their mind.

She eventually died but the twins were survived.  One will think that the doctor would have at least saved the lives of the innocent babies by bringing them out. They didn’t.  And the niece’s tears and excessive pleas were not enough to spare the babies lives.  In a frantic last minute effort,  when it was obvious that the hospital didn’t care about the precious little lives,  she bought a razor blade and slit open the dead woman’s womb; she got the babies out but one was already dead.  The second also died after some time because medical attention was still not given to him.

The above story is unimaginable in any civilised society. It can’t be found in a country where human lives are valued; but in a society where money is valued more than human lives.

It’s unfortunate that avoidable deaths are common place in many parts of African,  mostly because the person in charge fails to do the right thing.  This is unfair!

I wish this will be the last time a tragic event like this is allowed to happen in Cameron,  and indeed,  Africa,  where corruption has eaten deep into the society.

The safety of pregnant women ought to be made a priority to avoid future occurrence.