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New Vs Old

It’s very easy to replace old things with the new. Many people hardly have patience to repair an old device for instance.

I, myself, have also been caught in the quest to replace old with new rather than fixing the old. pray

I recently started a new blog instead of reviving the old blog  I have had for many years now. I took a long break from blogging and when I finally made up my mind to start writing again I wasn’t sure what was best.

The fact that my old blog still attracts many visitors even though I haven’t written for a long time should have motivated me to continue with it. However, like many impatient youth, I chose a new one.

I’m glad that I finally decided to go back to my first blog which has more readers and fans.

I think this craze for new things be it clothes, electronic gadgets, should stop. People should check what they have before rushing to shop for what they want. Because in most cases, old things stand the test of time, and eventually wins.


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