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Three Most Important Qualities of Optimists.

A positive person is one who continues to live a worthwhile life in spite of the challenges of life. She faces challenges but doesn’t allow the challenges to stop her from enjoying life to the fullest. She makes good use of the slightest hint of light rather than lament the huge darkness around her. 

These three attributes distinguish an optimist from a pessimist:

1. An optimistic person surrounds herself with people of like minds. She is aware that the people around her determine to a large extent the kind of life she will live. She keeps negative thinking friends at a long distance because she knows what she wants out of life. She doesn’t surround herself with pity party kind of people. She wants solutions not baseless smpathy.

2. An optimistic person has fewer friends. She chooses her friends carefully. The words of friends have a way permeating the sub-conscious mind. You may think that it goes into one ear and leaves from the other but the face is that words have a way of coming back to the mind. When you least expect it. She distances herself from people who have nothing to contribute to her growth. Rather than join the crowd to appear social.

3. A final important quality of an optimist is that she thinks before she talks. She is aware of the power in spoken words. So she chooses her words carefully so as not to harm people’s feelings.


1 thought on “Three Most Important Qualities of Optimists.”

  1. I’m an optimist. I think it’s important to try to think and be positive. That is the way to success.


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