TWO Simple Cure for Procrastination

​In a time where there are so many things begging for your attention all at the same time, there is often an urge to leave things unattended due to insufficient time. Some of the things which may drop from your to-do list may be important. And by the time you finally decide to attend to the task, time may be limited, and in some cases, it might be too late.

 Photo Credit: Stutterstock

Time almost caught up with me recently, as a result of procrastinating.
I had a month to prepare for a lecture so I relaxed and decided to do other small things like blogging, watching movies.  All of a sudden, I noticed I had only one week left before D-day. Only then did I get serious. And I narrowly beat the deadline.

Just like myself, many people are caught up in the web of procrastination. Preference is given to unimportant chores while the important things are left until the last minute.

Here’s two simple ways to stop procrastinating :

Do away with distractions: The internet and social networks are some of the main distractions in recent time. Five minutes of Facebook check often turn into hours of browsing through the timeline. And before long, the time which should have been spent on important things is used for something else. The best thing when you have an urgent and important tasks to perform will be to disconnect your internet. As well as keep your gadgets  as far away as possible.

Another way to avoid procrastinating is to set your priorities right. Attend to the most important issues first and thereafter, the less important things. In this way, you’ll always be ahead of time.

Procrastination leads to regrets and endangers your credibility.


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