When Life is All You’ve Got (Part Two)

When life is all you’ve got

Rejoice, dream and love because you have life.still-life-1771390_1920

Nothing is sweeter than life.

Nothing compares to living.

Hope ends when life is gone.
Love dies when life is gone


Roll the drums because you have life.

Be merry while you can.

Throw caution to the wind and dance .

Dance like there’s no tomorrow

Because you have life.butterfly-23063_1920
There comes a time when life losses it’s taste,

When limbs and bones refuse to move,

Arms weak and feet stiff,

Hope melts like ice in the summer.
But now, while you can,

Fail not to live.

Let laughter cease not.

Live life to the fullest even when life is all you’ve got!


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