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Tell No One

Tell no one your fears

Because they may never fully understand how it feels

Even if they try

You may elicit sympathy

Which makes you feel worsepoetry-2117720_1920


Only few people understand the worries,

The sleepless nights ,

And very few actually cares.

What do you do when no one listens?

Where do you go when the crowd is no more?


What do you do when the tears refuse to flow?

When overwhelmed you feel.


There’s only one Person

Who loves you,

Who feels your pain and truly cares,

Much more than you can ever imagine


Him alone need you tell your cares,

The deep feelings which no one else knows.

Pour our your heart and be not silent.

Who else can hear you if not God?


2 thoughts on “Tell No One”

  1. You are so right, God is there to listen ALL THE TIME! People can let us down, but it is good to share with close friends to, to get it off your chest, if you find someone you can trust.


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