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Pity Parties as Dream Killers

There are certain kinds of “friends” you should avoid at all costs: Pity party kinda friends. They add nothing to your dreams. Rather they take from you.  Pity Parties friends are people who are eager to listen to your problems, sympathize with you and then go home. In many cases, they are the ones who pass your problems around. friends-2019068_1920

Pity Parties have no intention to offer help or brainstorm for a solution to your challenges. Instead, they can compound it by making you feel worse.

These are the kind of people I’d rather not come close to. Because nothing good will ever come out of the relationship. The best advice from this kind of people is “take heart. You are not the only one passing through this kind of situation…” They might even go as far as giving you examples of men and women who have been in the same situation. Without telling how they overcame.

Personally, I don’t like to associate with people who cannot influence me positively.  I wish not to see pity parties as friends. Nor should any focused person befriend people who have nothing positive to offer.

Associating with people who are only sympathetic can  take away the little courage you have in a difficult situation.

I’ll rather choose solution oriented people rather than pity parties.

What about you?


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