Breaking Through

Success is often born out  of failure. So don’t give up on the suffering of today. Breakthrough might just be around the corner. Despair not.

It’s sometimes difficult to see any light in the midst of darkness. Yet, the  slightest trace of light brightens up any darkness. No matter how long the night is, it will definitely give way to the morning. tulips-152832_1280

Determination is important. There might be discouragement everywhere but with firmness and focus success can not be far away.

There’s been many times in my life when I think that all is lost but then shortly after, I see a positive outcome. The hardest time is often when success is closest .

I have seen that life is in phases. And challenges equally come in phases. No matter the phase I find myself, I’m determined to endure until the end. The phase will pass away someday if I don’t give up.


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