Creating Timeless Memories

Memories live for a long time. The greatest gifts given should be what  will be  remembered for a long time.

Not just the temporary gifts every where. People easily remember experiences longer than gifts. Gifts are easily used and forgotten but memories are timeless.sun-95250_1920

I was recently speaking with an acquaintance about how nice it would be if people gave more experiences (memories) than gifts even to children. For instance, a  child’s birthday “gift” doesn’t necessarily have to be a tangible gift all the time. It can be a ticket to a favorite place like amusement park, movies, etc. The experience from this kind gifts memories  tend to stay with the child for a longer period.

Personally, I’d like to have more cherished memories of people than gifts. Gifts pile up after a while and a good number may remain unused for years.

Spending quality time with families and friends is a great way to create lasting impression on one’s mind. This I plan to do more, among many other good things in the remaining months of the year, and hopefully, in many years to come .

Travelling  and  sight seeing are equally  ways of gaining lasting memories. In this era of computer literacy and technology, there are many distractions which limit the quality and quantity of time people spend together.

Social networks shouldn’t be allowed to to take the place of physical interactions.  Memories are timeless as well as sustainable.

If you want to create your own get together with friends and family, or sign up for an event to make lasting memories, check out this online rsvp


1 thought on “Creating Timeless Memories”

  1. Good post! I agree with you about the gift of memories for birthdays. When my birthday rolls around my family knows I want to go somewhere special with them for the day. Making wonderful memories. 🙂

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