It’s May Day!

It’s international workers’ day. A day reserved to celebrate workers world over. 

The day is marked in different countries in various ways.
While many people see workers’ day as a simple holiday and a reason to be home, others actually celebrate it in  a remarkable way. 

Workers’ day is celebrated in Nigeria with a match pass across the nation. As a secondary school student in Abuja, I took part in a few . The students rehearsed for the occasion for many weeks prior to the first of May, as well as for the celebration of children’s day.


In Finland the celebration is taken to the next level. “Vappu” is not only celebrated by workers. It is also a celebration day for students, parents, and families.  Notably, “Vappu päivä” is equally a celebration of the much awaited spring.

Drinking and excessive drinking is a prominent feature of May day celebration in Finland.


For many Finns,  “Vappu” is all about making merry,   balloons flying in the air and drinking as much as possible. After all, “Vappu” doesn’t come twice in a year!


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