Are You Afraid of Mistakes?

Practice they say makes perfect. Yet many people will rather not make any mistake at all. It also said that experience is the best teacher. I’d like to add that mistakes are ways of learning faster.

A lot of people are afraid of making mistakes. They may be scared of exposing their weakness or even ignorance of a particular thing. Because failure sucks.


Finns, as I noticed, are “mistake phobic”. They believe in perfection and will hardly venture into a thing they are not sure of.

Personally, I’ve made a few mistakes from which I learnt important lessons. And looking back, I’m glad I tried.

I think people should be more daring and not be afraid to fail. It’s equally important not to dwell on mistakes but learn from it and move on.


2 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Mistakes?”

  1. You are very right, we can use our mistakes to learn from! It is unpleasant I admit, I don’t like mistakes. I beat myself up about them, but it is a part of life and they can make us a better person. We are not perfect and dwelling on our mistakes definitely doesn’t help anything. I love your last line, “learn from it and move on!” 🙂
    Have a great day!

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