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Should You Compare Yourself to Others?

Life is a race and people run with different speed, style and motivation. The ultimate goal is to find fulfillment. Achieve good success,  Happiness and contentment.

Just like in race running, people strive to out do one another through competition.  No body wants to be a loser because people generally celebrate only the winner. People want to associate with successful people and the unsuccessful are ignored and even ridiculed.

Do you to measure your success with friends or former classmates?. Comparison often lead to discontentment. Because your talent and that of your friends aren’t the same.

Comparison breeds jealousy and hatred. This may be as a result of not meeting up  with the competitor. In many case the person who is been compared is unaware. And goes out his daily business without stress.

Instead of comparison and unhealthy competition with other people, one can choose admiration. Admire people’s success and breakthrough. And strive to be successful in your own way. Not like anyone else. It’s okay to have heroes, mentors, role models. Still, the ultimate goal shouldn’t be to become exactly the way they are. The desire to be like your role models, no matter how successful they are places a sort of limitation on you.

Comparison should only be in respect to learning from people’s success stories.  And then work out your own principle. Because what works for one may not work for all. Anything short of admiration for the success of others is unhealthy and should be avoided at all cost.



17 thoughts on “Should You Compare Yourself to Others?”

  1. Do you to measure your success with friends or former classmates? It is a question everyone should ask himself/herself? good information.


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