A Rare Trip to the Finnish President’s Summer House

And so I had an opportunity to visit the official summer house of the Finnish president last Saturday.  The visit is memorable as well as fascinating. 

It’s unusual for ordinary citizens in any country to visit a presidential palace without prior invitation from the president. In Nigeria, for instance, the common man can’t even come close to the street where the presidential mansion is located. Security guards including the police, soldiers all guard the house, including the neighborhood round the clock.

Hence my fascination at been allowed to tour the presidential garden.

This uncommon generosity and open doors to the Finnish president’s summer house is because of the will of the original owner of the mansion, Alfred Kordelin, a very wealthy Finn. Before his untimely death at age of 49 (if I remember correctly) he decided that the house should be a museum, open to the general public. He had no wife.

The president’s summer house in kultaranta reflects the Finnish love of nature. The beautifully trimmed flowers are delights to behold. Almost all species of flowers, much more than I have seen, are found in the garden.

Fortunately, photographs were allowed so I captured a handful of the breathtaking scenery just for your viewing pleasure.

PS. what do you think about a presidential palace being open to the public? Is it obtainable in your own country?


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