Four Unforgettable Ways to Celebrate Midsummer

It’s Midsummer again and in Finland like in other Nordic countries, the celebration is in full force.
Midsummer eve is the main celebration day. Most offices are closed so that workers will be able to celebrate the special day without any hindrance.

Midsummer is the peak of summer. The only night when the sun doesn’t set in the year. This is worth celebrating especially when you consider the long dark winter nights when the sun hardly rises.

I have complied a few to-do list for those celebrating Midsummer. Midsummer is celebrated once a year so it’s good to celebrate in a grand style to leave you enough memories through the remaining days of the year, until the next Midsummer.

Here are some great things to do on a day like this:

1. Take pictures. Pictures are great ways to preserve memories. Midsummer nights are special. The sun doesn’t go down. Many photographers have captured the midnight sun in a most adorable way. Many people in Finland don’t go to bed early on a Midsummer night. Use this time to capture images that will last you a whole year when the sun disappears.

2. Don’t drink yourself to stupor. Many Finns may not take this advice seriously. They’ll drink no matter what I write here. They see drinking all kinds of alcohols as the climax of midsummer. A few drink to stupor. Listen, if you must drink, drink responsibly.

3. Celebrate with friends/families. Many people celebrate midsummer in groups, privately and publicly. Don’t stay alone. Find a Midsummer event near you and be bold enough to attend.

4. Go to Sauna. For some people, particularly Finns, a Midsummer night isn’t complete without a trip to the sauna. That is where the main drinking takes place.

These are a few tips on the best way to celebrate Midsummer in grand style. Did I forget an important tip?

Have a fun-filled Midsummer celebration.


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