#WordPress daily prompt


“You’re just too local for my liking.” Agnes muttered. Eyes barely open to avoid contact.

“What did you say? Me…? Me too local for you?”

Jack face turned red. He didn’t know how to react to Anges’ betrayal. He would never have imagined that a girl he almost gave up his life for could think he’s not good enough for her, anymore. ┬áNot that he wasn’t warned. Every one who knew about their relationship kicked against it. Not that they disliked the love of his life but they knew she wasn’t his type. And that as soon as she got what she wanted, she would leave without a second thought.

Agnes is too artificial and too materialistic for Jack. Yet he loved her. Cherished her and will go to any length to prove it.

She treated Jack badly, even in front of her own friends. After all, he is nothing but a local champion to her.

Local. A response to WordPress daily prompt


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