3 Things to Tackle Before you go Back to School

Whether you’re getting ready for your freshman year of college, or you’re heading back for your senior year, the time is ticking to get prepared! It’s August, which means there are only a few weeks until the new school year starts. Are you ready? Make sure you work on these three things before the start of school:

You do not want to be waiting until the week before you leave to go back to school to start packing. Head to the store now, get all of the supplies you need, and double check that you have everything. Many schools offer a packing checklist, here is a good one to refer to if needed! Next, tackle your clothes. You don’t need to pack your entire closet, and you definitely don’t need to bring every pair of shoes that you own. Think ahead, when will you be home next? You will be able to grab more of your favorite fashion then. So start with your summer and fall clothes!

Financial Aid
Obviously you’re excited! I mean you’re moving away from home, you’re going to meet new people and try new things. However, don’t forget more than likely you’re paying a pretty penny for this experience. Make sure you’re applying for the correct financial aid, ahead of time. Any money you can save now will only help you in the future. Make sure you have filled out your financial aid paperwork correctly, as mistakes can cost you time and money in the end. One way to avoid making these mistakes is to have yours and your parents’ financial paperwork together before you get started. You may forget about all this finance mumbo jumbo during your four years in college. However, soon after you graduate those loans will kick in. Your debt may seem like it’s too much to handle. Take a deep breath and do a little research because you do have options. Consider loan consolidation or even refinancing to help save you more. When consolidating your loans you are able to combine all of your loan amounts to one monthly payment. While refinancing also allows you to still have one monthly payment you’re also getting a lower interest rate. If you’re interested in learning more here is a great resource.

Time with family
When you’re leaving for college, you may be thinking only about hanging out with friends you won’t see for a while, and fitting in all the concerts and fun nights out you can. But don’t forget to make time for your family! They’re probably the ones you’ll miss most when you feel homesick, and spending time with them now will make them feel better about you leaving too! Suggest having a family game night, going to play mini golf, or going out to dinner. No matter what you’re doing, find some quality time to spend together! Don’t forget to take photos! Creatively displaying these memories you’re making with friends and family this summer will be the perfect way to bring your close ones with you to school.

College is going to be a blast, so get excited, and have fun! But don’t forget to prepare, or you might feel a bit overwhelmed when the time comes to leave for school. Take it all in and enjoy all of the experiences that college has to offer. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. You will be so happy you did!


About the Author:

Jamie Wharton is a Social Media Strategist for Earnest. She loves to educate others on finance, and make it something that people can easily understand. Her ultimate goal is to help people of all ages build a better financial future. Outside of work, Jamie loves to go for runs at the park and binge watch ‘Friends’.


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