In Memory of Biafra

With the recent call of northern youths to Igbos living in the North to vacate and return to the east, I cannot help but remember the sad history of the Biafran war and the wanton loss of lives and properties which followed. As everyone knows, the Biafrans lost the war to Nigeria. Continue reading “In Memory of Biafra”

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Thoughts On The Pregnant Cameroonian Woman Who Was Left To Die.

I watched with horror and a deep sense of loss the video  of a pregnant woman who was abandoned by a Cameroonian hospital because she couldn’t afford to pay the stipulated fees.  She was in labour when her niece brought her to the hospital but the staff refused to attend to her until her family paid the hospital fees.  The fact that she was  pregnant with twins couldn’t change their mind. Continue reading “Thoughts On The Pregnant Cameroonian Woman Who Was Left To Die.”


2015 Presidential Elections: The Giant of Africa Bleeds

My heart bleeds for the untold hardship and cruelty melted out to innocent Nigerians, particularly, in the North East. How can anyone explain the the atrocities of the deadly Boko Haram or the indifference of the present government?

How can more than two thousand innocent citizens be killed in one day and the avaricious politicians still have the effrontery to campaign for elections with the promise of taking the country to the ‘moon’.

photo credit: Commonwealth Secretariat via photopin cc
President Goodluck Jonathan                         photo credit: Commonwealth Secretariat via photopin cc


What went wrong? Do those killers and members of the terrorist group have any milk of human kindness flowing in them? What joy do they derive from gunning down their fellow human beings in the name of religion, politics, or whatever? I have countless questions for the terrorists and president ‘badluck’ Goodluck Jonathan.

It’s so sad that no concrete action has been taken by the government to put the situation under control. Even the curfews imposed on those parts ravaged by the group has not been able to curtail their heinous raids nor the numerous massacres . Continue reading “2015 Presidential Elections: The Giant of Africa Bleeds”

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Zimbabwean First Lady Bags PhD Two Months After Enrollment

Grace Mugabe, the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, has reportedly been awarded a PhD in Sociology just two months after enrolling at University of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe happens to be the chancellor of the school.

For her thesis, the first lady carried out a study of children’s homes in Zimbabwe.

Many are questioning the plausibility of someone earning a PhD in just eight weeks. Continue reading “Zimbabwean First Lady Bags PhD Two Months After Enrollment”


Nigerian Soldiers Flee From Boko Haram.

The Nigerian soldiers were actually seen fleeing from their militant counterparts for the fear of losing their lives. I thought that soldiers ought to be patriotic enough as to risk everything, including their lives, to save their country from an enemy’s infiltration?

Perhaps, the nations is not worth dieing for seeing that no one, apart from family members might mourn them for a while, after which life goes on. If they acquired any properties, their children will fight one another to ensure they get the lion share. Woe betide them if they have no son. The extended families will come and chase their widows and daughters to their maternal home or to a remote village and claim whatever asset that is left behind.

photo credit: ViaMoi via photopin cc

As if to add injury to salt, the Islamic militants released a video of the soldiers fleeing for dear life. That shuts up any one (particularly from the barrack) who might claim it to be a lie or a mere rumour. At least the video was not made up and cannot lie.

Shouldn’t every Nigerian at this point know that they are on their own in terms of security in their fatherland? For many years, wealthy individuals have used body guards and personal security to protect themselves because of the infamous activities and failures of the police force. Top ranking officials are known to be protected by  armed soldiers because of their superiority over the police.

The army is highly esteemed and seen as the hope of the nation. Both for safe-guarding lives in extreme unrest and protecting the sovereignty of the state.

Now that they have shown the world that thy are incapable of discharging their obligations as enshrined in the law, internally and eternally, what should be expected?

Is Boko Haram wining the war?

In any battle, whoever is better equipped wins the war.

If recent reports are anything to go by, the terrorists might be having the upper hand in their war to destabilize and depopulate the country.

Their atrocious activities seem unchallenged and unquestioned as they go about terrorizing civilians. Innocent lives are lost on a daily basis yet the government still plays politics.

The second largest town, in north-east, was captured and made a caliphate under the watchful eyes of of the security personnel.

It is said that one person cannot fight a group but Boko Haram as few as they might be, has succeeded in fighting millions of Nigerians, unchallenged.

How about the weapons?

Security personnels have complained severally in the media about lack of modern and sophisticated weapons, the kind used by their enemies. They are poorly remunerated compared to their counterparts who don’t mind laying down their lives. What do these soldiers stand to gain if they lose their lives in the process. Will it rid the country of corruption or put food on the tables of their many dependants?

I think they are heroes and should be celebrated for saving their families untold hardship and hunger which would have been if they died.

The government knows what to do if they are serious about fighting Boko Haram!


Africa Update and Guest Post

There are a lot of misconceptions about Africa particularly  from westerners. Not so much is known about her people and culture.

and the few things that people know are negative things and probably untrue.

Here are some of the stereotypes:

-There is no food-famine

– Majority are illiterates

-Nothing good comes from there.


On the contrary, Africa is a very rich continent blessed with rich natural and human resources.

However, only few countries can boast of good leadership. African rulers have no doubt given the continent a bad and individuals must now prove themselves to be accepted in the world at large.


Anyway, this is a serious issue and only a few lines here will not make so much difference.

From time to time, I will be writing on this topic here and you can also find other blog posts on this topic at Lex Solo’s Political Ranting


Also, if you would like me to contribute to your blog on this  topic and any other topic, get in touch:




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A Broken Dream

It was an unusually sunny day in early spring. I had just succeeded in putting the kids to bed for their routine afternoon nap. It was a tough job as they preferred to play rather than sleep especially when the sun is up in the sky and other children are running around cheering and laughing.

As I sat on the dinning table reflecting on what had just taken place between us, my eyes were glued to the to the blossoming flowers on the window. I was lost in thought momentarily as my mind wandered away.

It was many years ago when I was  with my grand mother in Afube, our tiny village. I had tried to engage her in a conversation as I wanted to hear her once again tell me stories, stories I and my cousins had listened to times without number. Yet, we were never bored to hear it all over again. Continue reading “A Broken Dream”