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Be My Light

Be my light when darkness is all I see.

Show me the way, lest I stray.

Guide me in Your light to see Your plans for me.
Open my eyes, so no one can close it.


Give me the strength to overcome the trials I see.

Help me to keep my eyes on You.
You alone know me.

You know my worries and pains.


And my needs are ever before Your throne.
Show me Your light when darkness encloses me.

I am not without hope,

For You have been my Hope from birth.

Do not let darkness prevail over me.

Be my light, oh God!

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Easter is Here Again

This is wishing all our readers and fellow bloggers a happy Easter.

It’s a season of sober reflections on the magnitude of our Saviour’s love which propelled Him to die on the cross of Calvary.
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So Far; So Good!

As the year 2014 gradually comes to a close, I look back to the past 52 weeks and I can’t but thank God for His faithfulness. Each day of these weeks has been a miracle; an evidence of divine love and guidance.

How would it be like without His unfailing love? Totally unimaginable! Continue reading “So Far; So Good!”

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The Love of God

What shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus? Continue reading “The Love of God”

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No Pain, No Gain

Refuse to give up on your dreams and you will surely make it.

The trials on the road to success are meant to make you stronger and ¬†appreciate success when it eventually comes.¬† Continue reading “No Pain, No Gain”


Hold On To Your Faith

It’s takes a strong faith not be moved by what we see. Don’t let your circumstances or environment define you. You are a special being, created by the Most High to fulfil a divine mandate.

photo credit: ~Aphrodite via photopin cc
photo credit: ~Aphrodite via photopin cc

Many people started out from a humble background and today, they are success stories, not just in terms of the size of their bank accounts but the fulfilment that comes with being an achiever.

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