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To My Readers

I know I haven’t posted on this blog for ages, yet there are some of you who were not quick to hit ‘unsubscribe’. To such people, I say a big thank you for believing that I’ll eventually start writing again. It’s because of people like you that I’m encouraged to reclaim this blog and begin writing once again.

Also, seeing visitors’ interest from the stats boosted my morale. I haven’t written for close to a year yet a few visitors still find the older posts worthy of attention.

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You Can Be Outstanding

Be outstanding this new year!

Hope Nwosu

I was recently on a bus in transit to another city and I couldn’t help but notice the changes that come with autumn.

Most trees had yellow and brown leafs and others were already leafless. However, as we drove further, I also noticed that some other trees retained the green colour. They neither shaded leafs nor did they change colour

It then occurred to me that you can actually live above board, irrespective of the situation or environment.

You can still have peace in a chaos world.
Happiness is possible even with all the sad news around.
You can be rich despite the prevailing poverty.

And your dream job is still possible not withstanding the increasing unemployment rate.

All you need do is to refuse to be a victim of your circumstances. Don’t let your present condition define your future.

You can maintain a positive attitude, hope for the best…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up Yet

Hope Nwosu

What happens when you refuse to give up on your dreams?

There is a popular saying that nothing good comes easy and that there is no short cut to success. A good number of great achievers and world famous rich people were once on the low ladder, but they did not like their positions and strived  to make a change.

You should never give up on your aspirations and dreams because:


Success is not inherited nor contagious but achieved over a period of perseverance and hard work.

It’s rare to see a famous or established person who did not pass through certain kinds of challenges before arriving at his or her present  position. Majority  have sad stories to tell and one thing is common; none of them gave up nor chickened out of their bad situations.

No condition is permanent

Once you understand the impermanence of a bad situation, it will be easier to see yourself emerge…

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Blogging is mainly about interaction, and despite that  a few bloggers are concerned with self expression, it’s always great to know that people are reading.

Stories Without Border recently got 1000 likes and I want to use this opportunity to appreciate my readers.

I’m inspired and encouraged by fellow bloggers and other readers who take time to read, comment and ‘like’ the posts.

Thank you all for your support.

Best wishes,



A Broken Dream

Hope Nwosu

It was an unusually sunny day in early spring. I had just succeeded in putting the kids to bed for their routine afternoon nap. It was a tough job as they preferred to play rather than sleep especially when the sun is up in the sky and other children are running around cheering and laughing.

As I sat on the dinning table reflecting on what had just taken place between us, my eyes were glued to the to the blossoming flowers on the window. I was lost in thought momentarily as my mind wandered away.

It was many years ago when I was  with my grand mother in Afube, our tiny village. I had tried to engage her in a conversation as I wanted to hear her once again tell me stories, stories I and my cousins had listened to times without number. Yet, we were never bored to hear…

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