Towards a More Peaceful World

In my own words as a speaker at Hiroshima memorial night held in Närpes, Finland: 

“In your own small way, be the change you want to see in the world. Make the world a peaceful and a happier place for all.”

Candles lit in memorial of victims of Hiroshima bomb attack.

Yes, go ahead and change the world!

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One Surprising Way to Live in Peace With a Troublemaker

The world needs peace now more than ever . There’s a certain kind of war in virtually every country, be it war against terrorism, religious extremism or even war against famine. The best we can do in the current situation is to try as much as possible to live in peace with one another.

If everyone lived in peace with his or her neighbours, I guess there will be no war or aggression against the other. How can you live in peace with a trouble maker? Should it be an eye for an eye or would you rather be tolerant of some of his excesses and ignore him sometimes?photo credit: faith goble via photopin ccI had observed with rapt attention the manner with which my two daughters ‘fight’ against each other. Given that there’s only a slight age difference between them, they are growing together and learning together.

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